About Us

With over 80% of Americans using some form of social media, it is a medium that just cannot be ignored. Social media has affected that way business is conducted and the way we communicate daily. The team at Enso Media Firm works with small business owners to craft a social marketing strategy that will drive results.

With an estimated 83% of online content becoming video by 2020, Enso Media Firm’s proactive approach integrates quality video and photography into your social media strategy. Video is the future of content and social marketing, but everyone is not comfortable or proficient at creating quality video to post online. Most media production houses price out of the range of the small business owner, leaving them in the lurch of this growing commodity.

Enso Media Firm came on the scene to fill the gap between corporations and small business owners by offering affordable inclusive social media marketing services, from video production to content curation. Their innovative approach to social media content focuses on the story behind the product or service, creating a connection between you and your customer. Enso, a Japanese term, was chosen by the pair because of its meaning, “full circle”. They take your social platforms and video and marry it together with your business story. Enso Media Firm brings your story “full circle.”

The circular image that represents Enso is actually not closed all the way, representing the positive flow of things into the circle and the ability to flush out things that are no longer useful or outdated. Your brand and your story will always be in flux. That’s part of what makes you interesting. Enso Media Firm will work with your business to manage those changes and always bring your story full circle.